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Small and Medium sized businesses switch to Cloud Computing

In the past people would run programs and applications that were based on downloaded software stored on the physical computer. Today small and medium sized businesses are moving to Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is a internet-based computing that provides a convenient workflow and cost effective solution for I.T. maintenance.

What are the benefits of Cloud Computing?

Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters

If a business is concerned about Natural Disasters halting their business the Cloud comes with Disaster Recovery. Small and medium sized businesses require a sense of security if a natural disaster effects their business.

With Cloud Computing your data is safely stored in a remote location allowing you to restore access to your data from any computer or mobile device. Without the protection your business could have damaged hardware and data loss could halt your business.

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Reduced I.T. Time & Cost

VirusesWhen hardware or software requires maintenance staff spend hours fixing/updating problems which means your staff aren't able to focus on their tasks.

With Cloud Computing your staff can phone, or email for on-site or remote assistance from MultiTRENDS 24/7 helpdesk. This provides staff the ability to hand off the task to MultiTRENDS while an experienced technician resolves the issue quickly so staff can return to their work.

Reduce our I.T. Time & Costs

Work from Anywhere!

Cloud Computing for BusinessesMany businesses operate out of their physical location not realizing they are limiting their staffs abilities. When working in a physical location your required to return to that location to access your work.

If invited to an event and staff urgently require a document they're forced to leave the event to provide the document. With Cloud Computing staff can access their work from any mobile device with their log in credentials.

Many businesses utilize Cloud Computing to provide on-site estimates when they arrive providing real-time prices and information.

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