The Cloud Checklist

The Cloud Checklist

This E-Book is full of great questions to ask a Cloud Computing Provider.

These questions will help you find the right Cloud Provider, while answering important questions in the process.

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Cloud Computing and Software as a Service

Software as a Service
The Software as a Service model allows you to utilize your software without having to worry about owning enough physical license keys.

Utilizing the Cloud your Software is licensed based on how many users you require.

We simply increase your user amount and you’re able to setup your new staff in minutes. Software can be upgraded on the fly.

Simply log-out of your Cloud, request the new version of software, then log back into your Cloud.

The Cloud Checklist

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Benefits of Software as a Service

  • Your business can avoid interruptions that would normally disrupt your operations using Cloud Computing.
  • No aging hardware to affect the performance of the applications your staff use.
  • Your staff are able to work from anywhere, anytime from any device with cloud computing.
  • No costs associated with upgrading your software and hardware.
  • You have predictable financial management of your IT costs.

No longer worry about

  • Upgrading Hardware
  • Upgrading Software
  • Hardware Failures
  • Internet Outages
  • Hardware Theft
  • Power Outages