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3 reasons to upgrade from Windows XP

Security & Infection Rate

As Windows has stated they will no longer support Windows XP as of April 8th.

Infection Rate

Infection Rate

Figure 1: Infection rate (CCM) by operating system and service pack in the fourth quarter of 2012 as reported in the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report volume 14

As shown in Figure 1 the Infection Rate is the highest under Windows XP SP3.
This will only get worse after April 8th as Windows will no longer provide support to XP.

Upgrade Today


Aero Snap is a great example on how Windows 7 and 8.1 can improve folder organization.
Aero Snap allows the user to drag their window into the side of the screen to snap it to that side.

AeroSnap - Example

Automatic Maintenance


If your looking to keep your files organized Windows 8 has a feature that scans your files every hour and stores copies of the incremental changes over time.

If you accidentally overwrite a crucial presentation, or you decide to scrap your changes and want to go back to the way things were a few hours ago, it’s easy to restore a file from any point in the history.

Windows 8 also has the option for scheduled Automatic Maintenance.

Enjoy the benefit of automatic maintenance and provide more time for your tasks.

Accessible to new Hardware

With Windows XP there are limits to using new hardware.
StressAs new hardware's software is written for new operating systems.

The following devices will likely cause problems with XP:

- Wireless Printers
- Bluetooth Keyboards
- 4K Monitors and more

Relieve any frustration by upgrading before the problems arise.

Upgrade Today!

Upgrade from Windows XP

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